Empathy Makes a Great Digital Marketer

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I’ve always found it really easy to get in the heads of consumers for any business I provide services to. I can see things from their point of view, understand what they are looking for, and in return, know how and where to give it to them. This is called empathy and it makes me […]

Unapologetically Direct

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I watch Gary Vee’s channel (amongst others), and am just finishing up Tim Ferris’s book “Tools of Titans”, in which he actually does reference Gary Vaynerchuk too later in the book. Reading this got me thinking (as the book & the channel are meant to do) about myself and the way I  do business. I’ve always […]

SEO is Still Effective, Yes.

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I subscribe to GaryVee’s channel and the top thing I like about this guy is that he is so direct and straightforward. I pride that in myself as well. But he does it in such a way that you don’t think he’s obnoxious, and comes across as such a nice guy. I loved this snippet […]

My Thoughts on the FB 10 Yr Challenge

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I think it’s pretty darn clever on their part. By now you’ve probably all done this. Dug up your first profile pic to compare how you’ve changed (or not) in the last 10 years. Whether you posted it or not, I bet you looked 😉 Anyhoo, there were rumours that it was to help the […]