About Me


I have been referred to as a Digital Rainmaker and Marketing Turn-Around Specialist. Having previously founded, grown and managed my own digital marketing agency, AlterSage, which serviced clients both locally and internationally, and to which some large local and international agencies frequently outsourced work, and  had a team complement of 11 full-time staff; after 4 successful years merged with [email protected] South Africa; headed Marketing Channel Strategy at MIH (Naspers eCommerce division with a portfolio of 5 companies); launched a few ventures of my own, & sold one successful personal business venture as well as been given opportunity as CMO for a few enterprises (including another digital marketing agency) – your business is in the right hands.

I am passionate about helping businesses thrive through creating more efficient marketing strategies.

I have a quick, as well as keen, eye for spotting inefficiencies in businesses when it comes to digital marketing fulfilment. I enjoy analysing situations and data to find solutions and help businesses turnaround into profitable enterprises. I do this through strategically analysing and improving their marketing strategies or approach.

I consult to existing marketing teams and work with them to implement, or fulfil recommendations in my own capacity.

Please refer to Christine da Silva’s LinkedIn profile for a more in-depth career history, else get in touch with me today, I’d love to assist your business harness it’s true potential through marketing.



Clients that I have consulted to:

fine-country property consulting
ooba property consulting
leapfrog-property consulting